Friday, October 1, 2010

why i'm obsessed with greek food

i went to greece this summer.  it was the most amazing adventure of my life.  let's take a moment to reminisce...

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the acropolis

my brother in law racing us home by sea
lunch (or what's left of it) on the beach

waffles are dessert in greece!
interesting potato chip flavors

my birthday crepe!
breakfast by the sea

epic win
and by "fast food" they mean they'll
make you a fresh sandwich

moussaka - it's like the greek version of lasagna but better

little fried fishies
octopus salad

dinner in athens


and that's how i gained 6lbs in greece.  the end.

ok just kidding (about the end, not the 6lbs).  shortly after i returned home i went into greek food withdrawal and set out to make tzatziki

recipe coming monday

have a great weekend!

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