Tuesday, November 23, 2010

the odyssey of gluttony part 2: asian grill

some college friends and i decided to take a day trip down to our alma mater, CNU; or rather, the city it resides in:  Newport News.  

we didn't miss school.  we missed the food.

no trip to Newport News is complete without a stop at walmart 
(we needed a cooler to hold our leftovers!)

  then we wandered around the CNU campus a bit to work up our appetites.  

finally it was time for stop #2:  asian grill

just like mexican joints serve chips & salsa, asian grill serves crispy noodles & duck sauce

the bounty

sushi, general tso's chicken, shrimp fried rice, spring rolls, and miso soup

tony's beautiful sushi

fortune cookies and orange slices

our fortunes.

the fried rice at asian grill is still the best i've ever had.  so are the fortunes.

stay tuned for part 3 tomorrow.  we saved the best for last


  1. haha i love that at at least one of your pictures in every post has my giant freaking lens it in.

  2. MMMM... I love the general tso's chicken at Asian Grill! Thanks for the recaps, Shelly. It helps ease the pain since I wasn't able to go. Can't wait to read about Plaza!