Wednesday, November 24, 2010

the odyssey of gluttony part 3: plaza azteca

some college friends and i decided to take a day trip down to our alma mater, CNU; or rather, the city it resides in:  Newport News.  

we didn't miss school.  we missed the food.

after a quick detour to the Warwick Cheese Shop and back to campus, we finally made it to our mecca.

the place people still talk about when they leave school for good.

it was a long 4 years, but it was worth the wait.

Plaza Azteca

THIS is where the magic happens

besides getting a new sign, not much has changed

the old sign in all its glory

chips, salsa, and white sauce.  magnificent white sauce

apparently we've lost touch with the concept of portion control

gretas chicken & fried rice, and my quesadilla ranchero

the ever popular burrito san jose

not much has changed at Plaza Azteca in the 4 years since graduating.  the salsa and white sauce are abundant, and the giant mugs of dos equis are still really, really cheap.  this trip was a great success.

recap and a few extras coming next week...


  1. um, tableside guac was a change! change we can believe in! i heart you, tableside guac.

  2. hi shelly! i just stumbled upon your adorable little blog and couldn't help but bookmark and follow you! i so look forward to following your adventures in the months to come! happy thanksgiving! xo, kate