Friday, December 31, 2010

it's that time...

what a year!  
lots of ups and downs (mostly ups!).  here's my year in a nutshell (ok, maybe a brazil nut.  those are pretty big)

 - january - 
had a hilariously good time speed dating [no pics unfortunately]
reconnected with long lost elementary school friends

 - february - 
blizzards galore [biggest icicle ever]
new found glory concert [met chad gilbert!]

- march -
the marriage of 2 amazing friends
[which facilitated the making of new ones, and reconnecting with old ones!]

(photo by Sam Hurd)

- april -
tulip farm and a trip to the outer banks

- may -
easter in richmond (followed sadly, by the loss of our dog daisy)
getting my cookbook signed by pioneer woman
memorial day in solomons island

- june -
said farewell to the black hair
celebrated father's day with a sports theme

- july -
4th of july flag cake (and lots of sangria)
9 days in greece
a wedding in new jersey

- august -
tubing on the shennandoah river
a weekend in texas for a birthday surprise (miss you ally and ryan!)


- september -
wine fest and an airplane ride
(and started this little ole blog!)

- october -
a 5k

- november -
the odyssey of gluttony and another 5k

- december -
my first redskins game and an epic christmas gift

2010 was a remarkable year.  my favorites were the trips to greece and texas.  unfortunately there were still some difficult lessons to learn,  particularly about inviting people to walk all over me.  but hey, without it, i don't think i'd appreciate the good times as much as i do.  this year has been all about perspective.

looking forward to raising my standards in 2011!


  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwww! i'm on the year-in-review list! hurray!

    hope you have an amazing 2011. and that i get to see more of you. 'cause you're awesome and stuff. keep it up!

  2. What an awesome year. I feel like this year I got to know you like a lot more. I kinda <3 that.

  3. thanks guys! hugs and kisses to you both! xoxo