Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the odyssey of gluttony: recap and extras

it's about time i re-capped the odyssey of gluttony!
so we went to cheddar's, asian grill, and plaza.  they were all amazing.  

but this is how we filled in the gaps:

visiting the library

we ran into an old friend.  miss linda's smile and enthusiasm are unrivaled.
she is the type of person you can never forget

some artwork on the green monster

the tree!

one of our old dorms

freshman dorm

leaving our mark

a visit to the warwick cheese shoppe (where i inevitably bought beer)

a gem of newport news

back to campus for a nighttime visit to the ferguson center for the arts

the bounty of leftovers

and we topped it off with shakes from sonic!

this trip was a true odyssey of gluttony.  i'd have to say the best part wasn't the food, but the amazing company i enjoyed.  a good meal (or 3) is a good meal, but you really can't beat quality time with your best friends.

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