Tuesday, April 26, 2011

cream puffs for my cream puffs

hey there, cream puffs.
yes, you.  i'm talking to you. all of you.
you're looking mighty fine today.
hows about some cream puffs for my cream puffs?

mix together pudding mix, cream, and milk in a medium bowl

cover and refrigerate to set

add butter and water to a large pot

bring to a rolling boil

add flour...



and vanilla


...until it looks something like this

form into a ball and set in a large bowl to cool

add 1st egg and mix with a stand mixer/hand mixer

it will be "piecey" like this after the first egg.  add second egg and mix

it's getting smoother.  add third egg and mix

after the third egg it should be gummy and elasticy...

like this.

drop by tablespoonfulls onto ungreased cookie sheet

you can try to smooth them out with your fingers, but it doesn't really matter

bake for 18-20 minutes

let cool completely

since it was easter, i divided the chilled custard into 4 bowls

and colored each with pastel food coloring gels

doggy is patiently awating a lick

it's ok to give her just a little.

okay to pipe,  get a ziploc baggie and a glass

place ziploc in glass, and fold the top over the edges

spoon custard into baggie

scrape against rim of glass to make sure you get it all

unfold the top of the bag

squish the custard to the bottom, and seal.
when you're ready to fill the puffs (once they are completely cooled), snip a corner off the baggie
find a weak spot in the puff and gently pull apart with your fingers

squeeze the baggy and pipe the custard in.
press the puff closed with your fingers.

i took a bite out of each one of these just so you could see the finished product.
poor me.

cream puffs.

2 (3.5 oz) packages instant vanilla pudding mix
2 cups heavy cream
1 cup milk

1/2 cup (1 sitck) butter
1 cup water
1 cup flour
1 tbsp sugar
2 tsp vanilla
1/4 tsp salt
3 eggs

in medium bowl, mix together pudding mix, cream, and milk.  cover and refrigerate to set.
in a large pot, bring butter and water to a rolling boil.
turn off heat, add flour, sugar, vanilla, & salt.
stir until mixture is a dough
transfer to large mixing bowl and let cool
preheat oven to 425
using a mixer, beat eggs in one at a time, beating well between each addition.  dough should be very elasticy.
drop by tablespoonfuls onto an ungreased cookie sheet
bake 18-20 minutes, until golden and puffed*
remove shells from oven and let cool completely.
split shells and pipe custard in with a pastry bag or ziploc.
store in refrigerator, eat within 5 days.
can be stored in the freezer up to 6 months.

*during the last couple minutes of baking, you can poke a hole in the puffs with a toothpick, so that they don't collapse, but i haven't found it to be necessary


  1. Green is the best flavor. :-)

  2. it's weird to be jealous of a golden retriever isn't it. oh well. i am what i am.
    xoxo kat

  3. Is that custard or is it pudding?

  4. it's a dessert custard made the cheater's way with jello mix :)