Wednesday, April 13, 2011

epic WIN wednesday

this is long overdue.

i entered a contest one one of my favorite blogs several weeks ago. the deal was to shout out your favorite post/outfit from the blog and you'd be entered to win a $25 gift card.  sweet!  the winner was announced and guess what... it was yours truly!  
this is especially exciting because
1. i never win anything
2. i love this blog

so a week or two later i got a mysterious package in the mail.  it was far too large to be a gift card so i was curious as to what it contained.

lo and behold, it was gift, wrapped all pretty-like

inside it were 3 smaller packages wrapped in tissue paper.  THREE!
i was so excited, i think i peed a little.

the first two contained the gift card with a sweet note, and some minted rose lip balm (which i have been using every day, thankyouverymuch)

the last package was long and round. what could it be?

awesome katie had sent me some vanilla beans!
if that is not above-and-beyond thoughtful, i don't know what is!

this totally made my week.  i'm still plotting my attack on anthropologie. i'm thinking the gift card will have to go towards one of these beauties- here, here, here, or here

i haven't decided what to make with the vanilla beans yet either, but when i do, i'll be sure to share the recipe.
any suggestions?

thanks again to Katie of Today I Want!


  1. Awesome! Was that you that sent her the jade candy necklace pic? It's super cute, and my birthday is not that far away...
    I did almost buy one of the basket purses she had featured on there recently.

  2. so glad you liked it all! mr.husband always tells me i go over the top, but it's just how i do! thanks so much for following me!
    xoxo katie