Monday, April 25, 2011

easter feast - shrimp & pesto pizza

well, well, well.  long time, my friends.
how was your easter?  mine was awesome.
my family gathered at my sister & her husband's house in richmond to celebrate easter.
we went down saturday for the feast, and sunday we went to the parade on monument drive.

my brother in law is actually the best cook in the family.
but he doesn't have a blog, so i get to pretend i'm the awesome one.
take that!

i didn't cook anything but i did make cream puffs for dessert.  
recipe coming tomorrow.  sneak peek:

in the meantime, i'd like to share some of the awesome food my brother in law andrew made.

shrimp & pesto pizza

andrew pre-made his dough from scratch.  i'll see if i can get the recipe.

flour a surface
if you're too lazy to use a rolling pin, press & spread your dough out
on the floured surface until you get a 13(ish) inch circle
spread some cornmeal on your pizza round

lift the dough off the floured surface and place on the cornmeal'd pizza round

press and reshape as needed

scoop some pesto out of a jar

and spread it around the crust with the back of a spoon

lay some large shrimp over top

sprinkle with plenty of mozzarella cheese

andrew preheated the grill for about 3 hours.
the bricks were approx. 700 - 800 degrees

slide the pizza off the round and directly onto your bricks

close the lid and grill for about 5 min.  seriously, it's that quick.

when the time is up, remove it from the grill with a freakishly large spatula

place it back on the pizza round to cool a few minutes before slicing

this may or may not be what heaven looks like.

slice and serve.  mmm cheeeeeeeeese

later, i'll show you how andrew grilled the lamb... on a... skewer.
i'll just leave this right here.

here's a basic recipe for the pizza

grilled shrimp & pesto pizza
preheat grill several hours until bricks are 700-800 degrees
get some pizza dough while grill preheats.  either from scratch or store bought. if you want to make your own you'll have to google a recipe because i'm too lazy to do it for you.
brine some shrimp in salt water for a few hours beforehand.  peel before brining.
roll out pizza dough on a floured surface
transfer to a cornmeal'd surface
spread pesto on top
lay large shrimp on top
sprinkle a generous helping of mozzarella over that
grill for 5 minutes.
cool for a few minutes, slice & serve.
you're welcome.


  1. Mmm I make home made pizza all the time, but my technique could certainly use improvement. This looks amazing!